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73 landscapes.

73 locations.

73 days.

a personal expedition for charity.

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Our Challenge

We are aiming to take 73 landscape photographs in 73 locations across the Peak District in just 73 days. Whenever we are in the Peak we take a fantastic book called 'Through the lens' by James Grant with us. His book marks 73 locations across the Peak which offer potential for beautiful landscape photos.


Please see the About page to find out why we are doing this and which charities we are supporting. 

The challenge is sponsorship driven so please please Donate anything you can. The best photos will be printed and exhibited at a local venue after the end of the 73 days (more on that later). Any sales of prints will be added to funds raised.

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Huffing and puffing to Back Tor

We had two choices, go the long way which was an easier walk, or go the shorter way which was quite steep. We face these choices quite often and it always seems like we choose the wrong one. We went with the short and steep router. It wasn't particularly difficult but I had just finished a crazy busy weekend at work, both of us were knackered. On the plus side, Tracy and I were joined by Simon and his partner Amanda. Simon, now a good friend, was our consultant at the hospital during the pregnancy with Emily, he is also a keen landscape photographer. The weather was overcast (AGAIN), but at least it wasn't raining. I don't think any of us were particularly excited about shooting this locatio

Returning to Chrome Hill

Last time I was at Chrome Hill I was with Thomas Heaton and James Grant, we were hoping to catch an awesome sunrise, it looked promising but then a massive amount of fog and mist rolled in and wrecked it all. It was time to try again, the forecast looked promising so an early alarm was set! Accompanying me on this revisit was James Pedlar, we got there at just after 6 a.m, the conditions looked fantastic! As we started the steep ascent to the top we ran into a few fellow photographers, this shot was of Kevin Dolby looking out over to Parkhouse Hill As we continued our journey up the hill, the fog and mist continued to build, it was clear that we weren't going to get the shot we wanted with t

A valley of smoke machines & laser beams!

Last time we were at Winnats Pass we were with Adam from First Man Photography. We were treated to an incredible sunset and even a rainbow, we came away with some incredible images and certainly didn't plan on returning. However, last week we found out that something rather special was happening in the valley and it wasn't to be missed! A large scale digital installation by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde was about to hit the Peak District. It would involve shutting the whole of Winnats Pass over 3 nights, filling the valley with smoke from smoke machines and then firing laser beams into the smoke. The whole idea behind the installation is to reveal the geological formations of the site and

Sunset at Crowdcote

The sun sets at 7PM now, getting to locations straight from work is becoming almost impossible! Luckily this location, Crowdcote (location number 38) can be shot a very short distance from the road side. We still only had about 15 minutes to get what we needed, it was such a rush! There was very little cloud in the sky, not thick anyway, but enough to diffuse the light which meant that the foreground was mostly in shadow (leading to a flatter image). As you can see in the above image, from this position you can see the peaks of Chrome & Parkhouse Hill, it's quite a wonderful view actually and as the sun was starting to set we decided to switch to the telephoto lens to get a closer view of th

Froggatt Edge and the lost dog

Froggatt Edge is in the Baslow area of the Peak District, it's a gritstone rock location that is popular with climbers and bolderers. We didn't know until we got there but there are also a number of wild deer in the area, something we will remember next time and take some longer lenses. We arrived at the car park about 45 minutes or so before sunset, the walk from the car to the viewpoint is about 25 minutes or so. On the way there we were stopped by a couple that had lost their dog, it's name is Ollie and it's a little black Yorkshire Terrier, he was last seen at the stone circle next to path. We helped the couple as much as we could to find the little dog but with no luck. I setup a simple

Discovering a hidden waterfall

There are quite a few waterfalls in James Grant's Peak District Through the Lens (our guidebook), some of which are quite challenging to get to. This particular waterfall is called Swallet Falls and although it's almost a roadside location, it's completely hidden and unless you the water as you were walking by, you'd never know it was there. Getting to the actual waterfall is a bit of a mission, you go through a gate and then down a very steep, muddy and slippery slope. It's quite easy to lose your footing which is not something you want to do as there are shards of glass all over the place! However, once at the bottom you are greeted with an absolutely wonderful sight. The waterfall it's se

Kinder Scout - Ouch!

There are two locations left that have Tracy and I worried and both of them are at Kinder Scout. Kinder Scout is the highest mountain in the Peak District at 636m, not only is it very high up, but it is vast at the top. In fact, it's so vast that it's actually classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). So why are Tracy and I worried about it? Well, firstly there is the fact that it's a 10 mile hike which means it absolutely has to be done at a weekend and secondly it's really not the kind of place you can visit in bad conditions. The plateau is peat and in the rain it becomes a giant bog, it's also incredibly easy to get lost if the conditions change and visibility drops. Lucki

60 seconds of sunshine at High Wheeldon

I could have started nearly every single blog post from the last 10 days with "the weather was overcast", it's less than ideal but we have to work with what we are given. High Wheeldon is location number 37 in the book, it's in the Buxton area so only 30 minutes or so away from home. It's only a short ascent too, although it is quite steep! The location is basically a big hill with a trig point at the top, it has 360 degree views all around although the most interesting viewpoint is facing towards Chrome a& Parkhouse Hill. We had the location to ourselves and although the weather was overcast, there was a small gap on the horizon which the sun was due to drop below (have a look at an app cal

Feeling like an extra from the X-Files

We both finished work late, it was time to tackle Blake Mere. This is location number 72 in the book and is the closest one to home, in fact, it's only a 25 minute drive. It's not the most interesting place to look at but it does have some very interesting history. It's known locally as Mermaids Pool because of an old legend; a woman was accused of being a witch and was drowned in the pool, the man that made the accusations was then found dead 3 days later at the side of the water with his face covered in claw marks. It's also claimed that the pool is actually bottomless with the mermaid still living there. Obviously all of that is nonsense but I have to admit, I did feel a little bit troubl

We nearly left, so glad we didn't!

Winster barn is location number 54 in Peak District - Through the lens, it's in the Matlock area, the viewpoint is only a very short walk from the car park (thankfully). The weather was a bit mixed, it was extremely windy, quite cold and threatening rain. As we got to the location there was a bit of sunlight poking through the clouds, it wasn't much and didn't last for long but we managed to get this shot of the barn lit up by the sun: Shortly after, the sun hid behind the clouds, it was obvious that that was the last of the light. We were both tired and cold, we were tempted to cut our losses and head back home for an early night. I kept looking up towards the sky, the clouds were interesti

The most TERRIBLE weather :(

The weekends are our greatest asset for time, we simply cannot waste them. In fact, over half the locations we have left to do MUST be completed at the weekend because of either travel time or because they feature waterfalls and brooks (these get shot in normal daylight). We checked the weather, it had forecast a day of showers with breaks of good weather. Neither of us were up for it, we were tired and didn't want to spend the day walking around in the rain. We crossed our fingers and set off to Derwent Edge East - just next to Ladybower Reservoir. We arrived at the car park, £2.50 for 2 hours... ouch! I paid for the ticket and walked back to the car, on the path I found £2, no one else was

Sunset at Burbage rocks

The weather had been very mixed all day, it went from throwing it down, to overcast, to sunny and then back to overcast. Burbage rocks is location number 12 in our guide book (Peak District - Through the lens) and I think we may have missed a trick. In hindsight we should have come here when the heather was in full bloom as I think that may have been a wonderful feature and focal point. Unfortunately most of the heather was dying and had lost all of its vibrancy. We were also quite short on time and didn't have the luxury of fully exploring the location, a shame really because I think we didn't get the best out of the location. James Pedlar was with us, here is a picture of him looking a bit

Exploring an enchanted forest

Padley Gorge is a place I had heard of but had never visited, it's a mixture of forests and brooks. We didn't have a huge amount of time to explore the area which was a shame because it seemed to offer so much. My initial planning was around the brooks and water features but in all honesty, we didn't really spend any time at all with those. There was so much to see; we had James Pedlar with us again, he was giving us a bit of a tour of the best bits. This particular scene was something a bit special, there was a wonderful tree with some of its roots exposed, there is also a rather giant millstone just off the path. Compositionally it was fairly obvious, the biggest problem was that the sun w

Wyming Brook - A bit too soon?

Summer is not the best season to be photographing brooks and waterfalls, everything is a bit too green! Ideally we would be shooting these places towards the end of October, water features really come into their own with autumnal colours. We left this location as late as possible to maximise our chances of some yellow, orange and red colour, we simply couldn't leave it any longer with only a couple of weekends left and the two longest walks in the book still to come! Wyming Brook is in Hathersage, it's just over an hours drive away from where we live, although this is somewhat exacerbated at the weekend due to traffic. On the way, we popped in to see Stephen Elliot and Andrew Yu. Andrew has

It happened. Thomas Heaton!

Thomas Heaton is a landscape photographer from the U.K. He runs a very successful YouTube channel and website. I have been a big fan of his since I first started getting into photography, his videos and content are all about getting out there, enjoying the surroundings and taking quality photos without worrying too much about the technical aspects. It's fair to say that he is an inspiration to a lot of budding photographers, myself included. I emailed him at the start of our 73in73 challenge to see if he would be interested in helping out, I wasn't honestly expecting much since I know how busy he is, but he emailed me back and said he would love to help out. I was blown away, I had only emai

Peter's Stone & Tideswell

Peter's Stone is a massive limestone outcrop just outside of Tidewsell centre, it's an easy one to spot and a fairly easy one to get to. We were here for sunset and were actually a little bit early. Being early turned out to be extremely lucky for us, not only did the sky cloud over just before the sun had set, the stone its self is in a bit of a valley so becomes completely covered in shadow quite some time before the sun starts setting. The composition was a simple one, there wasn't much in terms of foreground interest so we tried to use the grass, I'm not too sure how well it turned out as the light was still quite harsh: One of the most impressive things about this location was this: Not

73in73 Hard mode activated!

For those of you that didn't know, Tracy is a teacher. We planned this challenge so that the majority of it could be completed during her summer break. Well now she is back at work full time which has massively increased the difficulty of this challenge. Sunrise is later in the morning which makes it almost impossible to capture and travel back from in time for her to get to work at 7:45 a.m. The sun also sets much earlier in the evening, now at 7:45 p.m which makes getting home from work and to a location in time also very difficult! We knew this was coming of course and have prepared as smartly as we could. A lot of the locations we have left to do are the ones closer to home, it's still q

Roystone Rocks - Hidden Gem!

The weather has turned once again, it's been cold, miserable and grey. The weather really limits where we can and can't go, it feels like writing a location off and almost guarantees that we come away with a black and white image. We decided to check out Roystone Rocks, it turned out to be a really interesting location and not just because this happened: Yeah.. that's me about 5 seconds after the wall I was trying to climb over collapsed. There was more damage to my pride than my leg although it did actually hurt and took a few minutes to walk off. I rebuilt the wall to the best of my abilities, got my stuff back together and then headed to the actual viewpoint. I quickly took this shot or R

Sunset at Robin Hood's Stride

It had been a mad weekend, two sunrises, two sunsets and an epic flight around the Peak District. We needed something a bit easier and not quite as exciting. We decided to pay Robin Hood's Stride (Matlock) a visit. Apparently the location got its name because Robin Hood walked from one of the gritstone outcrops to the other. The walk from the car was only 5 minutes, it was brilliant, we even took the dogs with us which I regretted almost immediately after one of them was sick in the car! Anyway, the location was pretty cool considering it was almost roadside, we also had the place to ourselves which was nice. There was quite a lot of cloud around which was a shame but we still managed to get

The opportunity of a lifetime!

There have been many twists and turns during this crazy challenge of ours, this one though, tops them all! I belong to a fantastic local photography club called Willfield Camera Club. They are an incredibly friendly and welcoming bunch of people but also, unlike many other clubs, they don't close for summer and do an absolute TON of activities. Last year the members of Willfield visited Tatenhill Airfield for an afternoon of flying around taking pictures (how amazing is that?). Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend that trip due to the complications of the pregnancy, it was a missed opportunity for sure :( Fast forward to today though... Claire Wade from Willfield contacted Tatenhill to see

Our Challenge

We are aiming to take 73 landscape photographs in 73 locations across the Peak District in just 73 days. Whenever we are in the Peak we take a fantastic book called 'Peak District Through the lens' by James Grant with us. His book marks 73 locations across the Peak which offer potential for beautiful landscape photos.


Please see the About page to find out why we are doing this and which charities we are supporting. 

The challenge is sponsorship driven so please please Donate anything you can. The best photos will be printed and exhibited at a local venue after the end of the 73 days (more on that later). Any sales of prints will be added to funds raised.

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