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Sunset at Crowdcote

The sun sets at 7PM now, getting to locations straight from work is becoming almost impossible! Luckily this location, Crowdcote (location number 38) can be shot a very short distance from the road side. We still only had about 15 minutes to get what we needed, it was such a rush! There was very little cloud in the sky, not thick anyway, but enough to diffuse the light which meant that the foreground was mostly in shadow (leading to a flatter image).

As you can see in the above image, from this position you can see the peaks of Chrome & Parkhouse Hill, it's quite a wonderful view actually and as the sun was starting to set we decided to switch to the telephoto lens to get a closer view of the peaks.

We took a couple of other shots which turned out quite nice:

We didn't expect to come away with much so were pleasantly surprised with this one. I wish I could say more really but since we were there for such a short amount of time it wasn't particularly eventful. It's another one ticked off the total with less than 10 locations left now!

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