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Our beautiful daughter, Emily Bould, was born prematurely at 28 weeks. After a short but brave battle, she sadly passed away on 16th February 2017. It’s been a very difficult time for my wife (Tracy) and I but thanks to charitable organisations, friends and family, we are getting through it. We both now feel at a point where we can look to the future, we want to ensure that the charities and services that helped us so much are able to help other parents that will sadly be in the same position. Photography plays a large part of our lives, it was especially important during our time at the hospital; instead of having a lifetime to take beautiful and memorable photographs of Emily, we only had a few short days.


We wanted to come up with a unique and interesting challenge that would help raise money for the three wonderful charities that made it all a little more bearable:


The challenge is to take 73 landscape photographs in 73 days in 73 locations around the Peak District. We will be using the excellent book ‘Peak District Through the lens’ by James Grant as a guide as it’s his book that marks the 73 locations. Most of the photos will be taken at sunrise or sunset as that time of day offers the best light. Some of the locations in the Peak District are quite challenging to get to, requiring some serious hiking. We are sure the unpredictable British weather will also provide us with it’s own set of challenges!


We are raising money for the following charities:


  • Aching Arms UK - Provide bereaved parents with ongoing support. They also supply hospitals with a Teddy Bear, it gives you something to hold as you are walking out of the hospital, you never think about leaving without your child and that teddybear makes it just a little easier. For every £10 a bear can be named after your child which will eventually go to another family that needs it. We will be taking our bear, Grace, on all 73 locations.


  • 4Louis - Equip hospitals with memory boxes so that parents can capture as many memories as they can whilst at the hospital. Inside the box are the following items:

    • A clay impression kit, to capture an impression of baby’s hands and feet

    • Two teddies, one for baby and one for the family

    • A curl box, for a lock of baby's hair.

    • An inkless wipe kit, to capture imprints of baby’s hands and feet

    • A CD to keep babies photographs saf

    • A copy of the Guess How Much I Love You book

    • An SD Memory Card (the hospital provide a digital camera to use)

    • Forget me not seeds to plant

    • A balloon and postcard to heaven


  • Forget Me Not Rooms at Royal Stoke hospital. These are two special rooms where parents stay after their baby has passed away. The care that we received in this special part of the hospital was truly heartwarming. We got to spend 5 days with Emily there whilst being looked after by the fantastic staff. We had the opportunity to create some memories and look back at our time spent there with a warm heart rather than heartache.


The challenge commences on 22nd July 2017 and finishes 73 days later on 3rd October. Shortly after the challenge is completed, the best of the photos will be displayed locally (more on that soon) where prints can be purchased. All sales of any prints will be added to the money raised. We are also hoping to donate the best two prints to the Royal Stoke hospital to be displayed in or around the Forget Me Not rooms.


This website and blog will document our journey through this challenge, we have a couple of surprises on the way with help from some fantastic people and fantastic organisations. Grace (Aching Arms teddy) will be accompanying us at all 73 locations so if you see a couple of lost looking people with a teddybear, that’s us, come and say hello! We hope you enjoy what we are doing and please please please donate to our Virgin Giving Money page.


Thank you,


Jason & Tracy Bould

"Photography plays a large part of our lives, it was especially important during our stay at the hospital"
Portrait of Jason and Tracy Bould


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