Returning to Chrome Hill

Last time I was at Chrome Hill I was with Thomas Heaton and James Grant, we were hoping to catch an awesome sunrise, it looked promising but then a massive amount of fog and mist rolled in and wrecked it all. It was time to try again, the forecast looked promising so an early alarm was set! Accompanying me on this revisit was James Pedlar, we got there at just after 6 a.m, the conditions looked fantastic! As we started the steep ascent to the top we ran into a few fellow photographers, this shot was of Kevin Dolby looking out over to Parkhouse Hill

As we continued our journey up the hill, the fog and mist continued to build, it was clear that we weren't going to get the shot we wanted with the big tree but that didn't mean we weren't coming away with nothing again. We kept on climbing up, eventually we got above the mist and when we did, the whole landscape opened up! At the top we were greeted by a few more photographers:

Usually, once the sun has risen, the mist and fog burns off fairly quickly, not today though! It hung around for absolutely ages, it meant we weren't going to get the shot we wanted of the big tree half way down the hill but we did manage to get this shot of James looking out towards the landscape:

As the mist didn't seem like it would disappear before we had to leave (it was a week day and I needed to get to work) I decided to have a go at a panoramic shot. There wasn't much detail because of how much mist and fog there was, but you can just about see the high trees and the top of High Wheeldon hill.

It was a great morning with lots of atmosphere, certainly came away with more that we did last time we went! Success!