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We nearly left, so glad we didn't!

Winster barn is location number 54 in Peak District - Through the lens, it's in the Matlock area, the viewpoint is only a very short walk from the car park (thankfully). The weather was a bit mixed, it was extremely windy, quite cold and threatening rain. As we got to the location there was a bit of sunlight poking through the clouds, it wasn't much and didn't last for long but we managed to get this shot of the barn lit up by the sun:

Shortly after, the sun hid behind the clouds, it was obvious that that was the last of the light. We were both tired and cold, we were tempted to cut our losses and head back home for an early night. I kept looking up towards the sky, the clouds were interesting and because it was so windy they were moving quickly. I don't think Tracy was convinced but I had a bit of hope that the clouds might just turn a nice colour once the sun had set.

We stood around and waited for about 40 minutes, it was a risk. We experimented with a number of other compositions and settled on one. The clouds started to turn a gorgeous pink colour! We took a couple of test shots and decided that a long exposure would be most suitable. It would capture the movement of the clouds which would give them a smooth appearance. We love the soft tones of the image and how the barn stands out in the photo, we didn't expect anything much from this location but in the end we were extremely happy with the outcome:

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