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73 landscapes.

73 locations.

73 days.

a personal expedition for charity.

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Our Challenge

We are aiming to take 73 landscape photographs in 73 locations across the Peak District in just 73 days. Whenever we are in the Peak we take a fantastic book called 'Through the lens' by James Grant with us. His book marks 73 locations across the Peak which offer potential for beautiful landscape photos.


Please see the About page to find out why we are doing this and which charities we are supporting. 

The challenge is sponsorship driven so please please Donate anything you can. The best photos will be printed and exhibited at a local venue after the end of the 73 days (more on that later). Any sales of prints will be added to funds raised.

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A superb night with jamespictures.co.uk

We met James at Thors cave a few days earlier, that particular evening was a bit of a rush so we arranged to do one of the more difficult locations together at the weekend. We chose to tackle Dean Rocks, Tracy was immediately apprehensive as it's almost the exact same route as The Trinnacle which is where she twisted her ankle. We gave ourselves plenty of time for this one, we would take it slowly and just enjoy ourselves as much as possible. It turned out to be a really great night. We took our time, took plenty of breaks and in stark comparison to The Trinnacle, actually enjoyed the walk up. We made it in good time too, we got to the location with over an hour to spare before the sunset. T

How to get lost: by Jason & Tracy

Sometimes I think we should have chosen a different name for 73in73, today I would have gladly renamed the whole project; "Getting lost in the Peak District". There is a photo in James Grant's book - Peak District Through the Lens that I love, it's location number 47, Lathkill Dale. The specific photo is viewpoint number 4, Parson's Tor. We decided that we would try and shoot this one at sunrise, it was a short drive but a bit of a walk and meant another 4 a.m. alarm. Neither of us had ever been to Lathkill Dale before and that was a bit of a problem in of its self. You see, Tracy and I don't have the best sense of direction in the first place, this issue is somewhat multiplied when it's alm

A very busy Millstone Edge

We knew it was going to be a busy one, the car park at Surprise View was almost full. We were accompanied by Chris Nowell and Andy Evers (same great guys from Shutlingsloe) again for this one, it's location number 17 in the book. There were easily 20 other photographers at the main viewpoints taking full advantage of the purple heather while it lasts, it was a struggle to either not get in someone else's shot or to not get someone else in your own! That being said, everyone (well, almost everyone) at Millstone Edge was very friendly, a few people enquired to what we were doing (it's Grace that pull them in) and one very kind chap even donated some money there and then. The rubbish weather fr

Thors cave and more amazing people

As is our way, we were in a rush, tonight we were heading to Thors cave in the Manifold Valley. We had arranged to meet James Pedlar from jamespictures.co.uk which we were both very much looking forward to. We didn't have the time to get inside the cave so decided to shoot it from a field opposite the opening. The weather was pleasant but the skies were clear, not ideal conditions but at least it was nice to be in. We were having such a good time talking with James that I wasn't concentrating on what I was doing, I attached the 70-200 lens to the camera and set the shot up. Mistake number 1 was that I must have accidentally switched the camera on when putting it in my bag so I had less than

I don't even know where to start...

Actually I do, I'll start with the weather, it was rubbish. That's that covered. Let's talk about what happened at Stanton Moor. Firstly; we got lost, not once, but twice! We parked in the wrong place and ended up on private land. It was my fault, I didn't follow Jame's book and tried a shortcut from Google Maps. When that didn't work we got back into the car and tried another lay-by. That also turned out to be a bad spot and only resulted in us wasting more time walking through nettles and prickly bushes. We lost about 40 minutes in the woodland and by the time we got to the correct lay-by the sun had already started to set. The viewpoint we were interested in at Stanton Moor was a place ca

The equation for failure

The weather has been a hindrance this week but we have plodded on regardless. We have a small list of locations that we want to save for 'perfect' weather and on the flip-side, a small list of locations that aren't all that inspiring. Todays location is Alport Height, it's in the Matlock area, it's a very easily accessible location which unfortunately seems to be is its downfall. As it happens, we had a message from one of our followers on Facebook about this location warning us that it's become a bit of a beacon for teenagers, boy racers and anti-social behaviour. They were right; the carpark already had a number of occupied cars on it when we arrived that we revving their engines and beepi

Deer, sheep and rivers at sunrise

Chatsworth House and its surrounding grounds are one of the most iconic locations of the Peak District, unfortunately, unless there is an event on in the grounds you can't access most of it at sunrise/sunset because of the opening hours. The river Derwent runs along side the grounds and can be accessed without worrying about the time, part of the river includes a delightful little weir which at sunrise (with some nice cloud) can make for a great photo. We were accompanied by Glyn and Claire from Willfield Camera Club (the awesome club I belong to), they even picked us up from home at 4 a.m. which was a very nice change from us having to do all the driving. We arrived in plenty of time and lo

Alport Castles - Playing hide & seek with the sun

Alport Castles is home to one of the largest land-slips in the U.K. From afar it doesn't look very intimidating but up close the boulders are large and dominate the landscape. We were accompanied to this location with our friend Kim, the walk was fairly long (about 6 miles if memory serves me correctly) with some parts being more of a scramble than a walk. The weather was changing all the time when we arrived; it was sunny, cloudy, overcast then raining. Alport Castles gains its name because the outcrop of rocks and boulders sort of look like castles from the valley below. We arrived early since we knew the location was a bit of a slog. The main viewpoint I was interested in was of an unname

Locked out, scary dogs and the drone

The very final location in 'Peak District - Through the lens' is Sutton Scarsdale Hall & Lodge Farm. It's quite far into Derbyshire and quite a drive from our home in Leek. This location was a bit of a last minute decision, we hadn't done anything in the way of preparation, we just got in the car and drove there. Our lack of research tripped us up as soon as we arrived, it was closed, the gate was locked. Oops! We checked the book and if we had read it carefully we would have known that before we left. Never mind, the book pointed out that there is a public path which takes you to the rear of the hall, we decided to follow that. Public paths are almost always obvious, well trodden and easy t

A memorable night with Chris Nowell

So many people have messaged us over the weeks offering their help and support, it's been truly heart warming. Chris Nowell is a photographer that does a lot of work in the Peak District, I had seen some of his images before we started 73in73, his photos are excellent. What I hadn't realised before he messaged us though was that Chris is blind. He lost total sight in one eye and was partially blinded in the other during a rocket attack whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2007. Chris suffered severe head injuries and had to spend a significant amount of time in hospital. He got into photography as part of his recovery with Blind Veterans UK and now runs the 'Peak Photography Project' which helps

A very overcast evening at Carhead Rocks

Carhead Rocks is really close to Stanage Edge, it's not anywhere near as popular though as it's not quite as elevated or as interesting. That being said, we didn't struggle with composition here, we struggled with cloud! Clouds can be amazing, in fact, they can absolutely make a photography look fantastic. Unfortunately we had the very boring and uninteresting blanket of monotone grey :( We can't control the weather, it would be wonderful if we could, but we can't, we just have to make the most of it. The journey to Carhead was uninteresting, the location was a bit bleak and the weather remained overcast. We struggled, we tried different compositions, different lenses and even threw in a bit

We got so lost!

The weekdays all blur into one; wake up, edit photos, write blog post, go to work, rush home, pickup gear, get to location, shoot, go home, pack for tomorrow, eat, bed, rinse and repeat. We have almost gotten used to it by now, it is however, getting noticeably more difficult and that's because the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Each day the sun sets about 2-3 minutes earlier than the previous one, that doesn't sound like much but in a month thats over an hour! That's a big deal to us, that's the entire journey time for about 50% of all the locations. The weather looked really favourable for Gardom's Edge which is location number 23 in the book. We arrived in good time and started walki

The photography community

We have now completed 3 weeks of 73in73 and are really happy with the progress we have made. At the start of this challenge we were entirely focused on the photography side of things, but as time has passed that has taken a bit of a backseat, it's become much more of a journey with its own stories and special moments. These stories wouldn't be as powerful or moving if it wasn't for the other characters that play a part. The response we have had from companies, charities and individuals we have never met has been out of this world and extremely heart warming. The photography community in particular has been outstanding, we've had so many people offer to help out by either joining us on a loca

The epic all-nighter! Part 3 - To laugh or cry?

I never expected that during our 73in73 challenge that we would be sleeping in the car, but that's the position we found ourselves in. We were at the gate of Crich Stand War Memorial, our sunrise location. We brought an old duvet and a couple of pillows with us. We had just over an hour to get some shut-eye, we were both exhausted by this point so getting to sleep wasn't particularly tough. The alarm was set for 5 a.m, this was by far the most tempting alarm to turn off when it activated, we were so tired! We dragged ourselves out of the car and started to walk towards to the memorial. I was filming us walking up the path when Tracy said "I hope that's not the monument that's covered in scaf

The epic all-nighter! Part 2 - Meteorites!

This crazy plan of ours had been in the making for a few days. It wasn't until the day before that we heard of the Perseid meteor shower and it was due to happen during our night in the Peak District, what amazing luck! Neither of us had witnessed a meteor shower before, let alone attempted to photograph it. Too add an extra layer of difficulty, the camera battery had to last until the morning so we couldn't run it flat trying to capture shooting stars. We left Sheffield and drove to Middleton Top visitor centre. It's home to an old engine room with a large chimney, not the most aesthetic location in the book by any means, but shot at night with a clear sky, it can be absolutely fantastic. W

The epic all-nighter! Part 1 - Scrambled legs

One of the biggest struggles with this challenge has been the logistics of getting golden hour photographs and fitting that in with work & general life. To add to that, August is a busy month for us both; we have a wedding to attend, it's Tracy's birthday, I have a big project on at work and it's our first wedding anniversary. We needed to get slightly ahead of schedule, we needed a plan and it needed to be ambitious. There are a few locations within 'Peak District - Through the lens' (our guide book) that are listed outside of the golden hour. Some locations were meant to be shot late at night, some in the late afternoon and some in the early morning. We checked the weather forecast, it pre

12 hours later, we were back!

In the last post we were at Higger Tor for sunrise. I try my best to plan all the travelling between locations to be as efficient as possible, sometimes I get it wrong and today was one of those days. We decided to visit Carl Wark for the sunset which is location 16 in the book, I checked the parking location, it was the same as Higger Tor... how could that be? Turns out that Carl Wark is about a 10 minute walk from Higger Tor, in fact, you have to walk through Higger Tor to get to it! We could have done both locations during the sunrise (with a little bit of running) and saved 2 hours of driving. "Oh well, nothing can be done about that now so let's just get there and see what we find". Out

(What's the story) Morning Glory?

Apologies, that song will now be in your head for the next hour at least! The weather forecast looked good for a sunrise and with the heather in full bloom, the time was right to head to Higger Tor, location number 15. It's just over an hours drive from home so we had to set the alarm for 3:45 a.m. We stumbled out of bed and got ready, it's all a bit of a blur to be honest, but we managed to get in the car and drive to the lay-by. The walk from the car to the viewpoint was really short, only a few minutes (thankfully). There were 5 or so other photographers already there, initially I was surprised, it was mid-week, but given the short walk from the lay-by and the abundance of vibrant purple

Sky of FIRE with First Man Photography!

I've been a huge fan and long time subscriber to the First Man Photography YouTube channel. It's a fantastic photography channel with a great mix of inspirational and educational content. A few weeks ago I emailed Adam (owner of First Man Photography) to let him know what we were doing with 73in73 and to see if he was able/willing to come on a shoot with us one evening. He replied almost immediately saying he would love to, I was over the moon... this was going to be good! We talked about different locations and settled on Winnats Pass. This is location number 4 in the book and one of the few locations I had actually photographed before. We agreed on a date and crossed our fingers for good w

A perfect morning with Michael Cummins

Michael Cummins is a professional landscape photographer and an excellent one at that. His website has incredible galleries of stunning photos on it, a place I have spent many hours. Michael very kindly offered to spend the morning with us at The Roaches, which is location number 70 in the book. The alarm was set for 4 a.m, it was much easier to get up for this one, we were excited. It had been a clear and cold night which usually leads to one thing... mist! Mist brings atmosphere and is one of the key ingredients of a great sunrise landscape photo in the Peak District. We got to the base of The Roaches at about 5 a.m, the ascent wasn't too troublesome nor was it too steep, not sure whether

Our Challenge

We are aiming to take 73 landscape photographs in 73 locations across the Peak District in just 73 days. Whenever we are in the Peak we take a fantastic book called 'Peak District Through the lens' by James Grant with us. His book marks 73 locations across the Peak which offer potential for beautiful landscape photos.


Please see the About page to find out why we are doing this and which charities we are supporting. 

The challenge is sponsorship driven so please please Donate anything you can. The best photos will be printed and exhibited at a local venue after the end of the 73 days (more on that later). Any sales of prints will be added to funds raised.

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