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Froggatt Edge and the lost dog

Froggatt Edge is in the Baslow area of the Peak District, it's a gritstone rock location that is popular with climbers and bolderers. We didn't know until we got there but there are also a number of wild deer in the area, something we will remember next time and take some longer lenses. We arrived at the car park about 45 minutes or so before sunset, the walk from the car to the viewpoint is about 25 minutes or so. On the way there we were stopped by a couple that had lost their dog, it's name is Ollie and it's a little black Yorkshire Terrier, he was last seen at the stone circle next to path. We helped the couple as much as we could to find the little dog but with no luck. I setup a simple composition on the edge whilst Tracy continued to look for Ollie.

We have a couple of small black Pomeranians and if one of those were to be lost out there we would be beside ourselves. I only took a few photos of the location in-between helping Tracy look for Ollie. The conditions were pleasant enough although overcast, more importantly, it was overcast where the sun was setting, a bit frustrating but at least it left some potential for a bit of colour in the sky. The first shot was one of Grace looking out over the edge:

None of the shots from this location are particularly amazing, we both weren't really concentrating too much on the photography side of things, that being said, there was one image that we came away with that had some colour in the sky:

We packed up our things and continued to look for Ollie on the way back. We were hopeful that his owners had found him but once we got to the stone circle they were still out looking for him. We offered as much help as we could and gave them some contact details, we wished them good luck and finished the walk back to the car. All in all, it was a nice enough evening, but we can't help but think about poor Ollie being out there, let's hope he has been found safe and well.

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