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A superb night with

We met James at Thors cave a few days earlier, that particular evening was a bit of a rush so we arranged to do one of the more difficult locations together at the weekend. We chose to tackle Dean Rocks, Tracy was immediately apprehensive as it's almost the exact same route as The Trinnacle which is where she twisted her ankle. We gave ourselves plenty of time for this one, we would take it slowly and just enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

It turned out to be a really great night. We took our time, took plenty of breaks and in stark comparison to The Trinnacle, actually enjoyed the walk up. We made it in good time too, we got to the location with over an hour to spare before the sunset. This gave us loads of time to find compositions, chat and do a bit of video (and of course, get Grace in on the action).

It was so refreshing having so much time to explore the location, Tracy got some good shots of us trying different things out, my favourite two are these:

As the sun started to set there were two viewpoints I really liked, both have their ups and downs, I honestly can't decide which one I prefer although I am leaning towards the first. The only thing that was lacking was some nice cloud, still quite happy with the results given the clear sky:

Even with all the extra time we had, we still failed to get a shot of the three of us. By the time we remembered it was pretty dark so you'll have to excuse the poor quality image. The walk was about 9KM in total, much easier on the way down, although I did end up slipping and landing on my bum! We met a lovely chap at the foot of the hill, he had been wandering what us 'crazy people' were doing still up there so late. The four of us walked the rest of the way to the car and chatted, it had been a memorable evening :)

I know I keep harping on about this but it's the people that we have met and that have joined us on this incredible journey that have made it what it is. I'm starting to realise a pattern though, to really make it as a successful landscape photographer in the Peak District you have to be called James and own a VW Golf. Maybe we will start our own tradition of owning a Volvo, carrying a teddy and looking a bit tired & lost? Seems to be working for us at the moment ;)

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