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A very busy Millstone Edge

We knew it was going to be a busy one, the car park at Surprise View was almost full. We were accompanied by Chris Nowell and Andy Evers (same great guys from Shutlingsloe) again for this one, it's location number 17 in the book. There were easily 20 other photographers at the main viewpoints taking full advantage of the purple heather while it lasts, it was a struggle to either not get in someone else's shot or to not get someone else in your own! That being said, everyone (well, almost everyone) at Millstone Edge was very friendly, a few people enquired to what we were doing (it's Grace that pull them in) and one very kind chap even donated some money there and then.

The rubbish weather from the previous week seemed to have passed now, it was warm (still windy though) and there was even some cloud in the sky. There weren't that many viewpoints available to us since we seemed to be the last to arrive, the first one that we tried was this one:

The above shot was taken at the start of the golden hour, it's a nice shot but the light was still a little harsh for my tastes and there wasn't a great deal of interest in the shot. As the sun started to get lower we switched to a different composition, it also provided us with some well needed shelter from the wind. We waited until the sun was just about to dip behind a slither of cloud and took this shot:

I definitely prefer this photo over the other, the light is softer and I think the composition works well. I like the position of the sun and the shape of the cloud in the sky. It was a welcome change to what we had been dealing with over the last few days. The challenge had really started to become a slog and a chore, this location though lifted our spirits and got us motivated again. Thanks to Chris and Andy for the company and advice, it really does make a world of difference when accompanied by other like minded people. <3

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