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Auctioning Donated Prints

During our 73in73 challenge we met some incredible landscape photographers. Not only did these people support us along the way, they have also donated some of their work to be auctioned off. Some of these prints are signed and are strictly one-off's. The landscape photographers include:

  • Thomas Heaton - signed print

  • James Grant - 5x signed prints

  • James Pedlar - signed print

  • Andrew Yu - 2x signed prints

  • Michael Cummins - signed print

  • Chris Nowell - beautiful cotton canvas

The auctions are all on this eBay page. The auctions are set to run for 10 days and will expire at 8pm on Boxing Day.

Here is a preview of these amazing prints!

Please do go and visit the eBay page and put a bid in on any of the prints you like. We can deliver locally or send via the post in secure packaging. All the proceeds from these auctions will be added to our grand total which will then be split between our three incredible charities.

Thank you!

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