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The 73rd day, so close!

Today is 3rd October 2017, once we roll into 4th October it will all be done! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we have two locations to post today! We visited Lumsdale falls (location number 56) and Black Rocks (location number 58) in some very changeable weather conditions! It had forecast to be cloudy but dry, ideal weather for photographing waterfalls but not exactly what we wanted for our final sunset of the challenge. Oh well, if there is one thing we have learnt on this mad journey it's that the weather couldn't care less :D

First up was Lumsdale. Neither of us had been here before although we had some some rather gorgeous photos from this location on the Internet and in James' book. Surrounding the waterfalls are some really cool ruins, it really adds a lot of character to the location. We started at the foot of the brook and worked our way up. It was very busy with lots of families exploring the ruins and admiring the falls.

It started to rain, we took shelter as best we could under the trees. We took this opportunity to take a shot of Grace, I think it's one of the best we have taken so far:

We took a few shots around Lumsdale, it's such a lovely area, we could have spent more time there if it hadn't been for the rain. The trees were doing a pretty good job of protecting us but rain was still getting on the front of the lens making it difficult to shoot. These are the other shots from Lumsdale:

Next up was Black Rocks for sunset! However, the weather had really started to deteriorate :( There was a lot of low cloud, fog and that horrible light rain that absolutely soaks you! It's such a shame because with a nice sky Black Rocks can be such a gorgeous location. We had no choice but to work with what we had.

The only thing that really worked was these autumnal trees, we did try and take some shots of the rocks themselves but honestly, they just weren't working at all. At the top of the rocks we met a new little friend called Peter, he is a rabbit :D we took a couple of other shots at this location, including one of the landscape with Peter rabbit in it:

As you can see from the photos, the conditions were absolutely pants! It wasn't what we were hoping for but one of the themes of this challenge has been that we've been out whatever the weather, no change to that today! We are returning to The Roaches for the final day, I'm sure it will be an emotional end to what has been an incredible journey.

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