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Sunset at Burbage rocks

The weather had been very mixed all day, it went from throwing it down, to overcast, to sunny and then back to overcast. Burbage rocks is location number 12 in our guide book (Peak District - Through the lens) and I think we may have missed a trick. In hindsight we should have come here when the heather was in full bloom as I think that may have been a wonderful feature and focal point. Unfortunately most of the heather was dying and had lost all of its vibrancy. We were also quite short on time and didn't have the luxury of fully exploring the location, a shame really because I think we didn't get the best out of the location.

James Pedlar was with us, here is a picture of him looking a bit confused by some kind of partial rainbow:

The sky started to glow orange and for a split second the sun broke through the cloud. James had lent me some of his filters, I was in the middle of trying a reverse graduated filter which is good for when the sun is almost on the horizon, it was a perfect time to see what they could do, this is the composition and shot that we chose:

I wish I had got down a little bit lower to take the shot, then the puddle may have reflected the colours of the sky rather than it just being a bit 'lost'. I quite liked the reverse grad filter, the only thing that didn't quite work for me was that the rocks on the horizon are too dark, other than that I thought the filters were quite useful. The sky was really dramatic for about 5 minutes, I think we did an okay job of capturing it, another one ticked off the list! We are getting there now, 73in73 is almost at 80% complete! Thanks again to James for all his help over the last 3 locations <3

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