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Wyming Brook - A bit too soon?

Summer is not the best season to be photographing brooks and waterfalls, everything is a bit too green! Ideally we would be shooting these places towards the end of October, water features really come into their own with autumnal colours. We left this location as late as possible to maximise our chances of some yellow, orange and red colour, we simply couldn't leave it any longer with only a couple of weekends left and the two longest walks in the book still to come!

Wyming Brook is in Hathersage, it's just over an hours drive away from where we live, although this is somewhat exacerbated at the weekend due to traffic. On the way, we popped in to see Stephen Elliot and Andrew Yu. Andrew has very kindly donated two prints for us to auction, I'm not going to give away which ones they are but they are absolutely stunning! Thank you Andrew!

We met James Pedlar at the Wyming Brook car park and started to walk along the stream. Even though it was really green it still had character and still looked really nice. By the way, did I tell you that the weather was rubbish? Yeah, we are almost getting used to it now! That's nearly a full week of overcast, grey and wet conditions :( Anyway, it didn't matter too much because we were in woodland, the trees did a great job keeping the rain off us. This was the first spot we set up, we took a shot with and without Grace, I actually prefer the one with Grace in it, she is such a good model!

We continued down the brook and found a couple more compositions, the next one we found is actually quite similar to the first but I really love the foreground interest and how the brook leads your eye up into background.

We didn't take many in landscape orientation, I think the location generally lent its self to portrait, we did take one though, it was the last of this location. We had had a great afternoon with James and really enjoyed the location, definitely coming back here in the real autumn!

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