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73in73 Hard mode activated!

For those of you that didn't know, Tracy is a teacher. We planned this challenge so that the majority of it could be completed during her summer break. Well now she is back at work full time which has massively increased the difficulty of this challenge. Sunrise is later in the morning which makes it almost impossible to capture and travel back from in time for her to get to work at 7:45 a.m. The sun also sets much earlier in the evening, now at 7:45 p.m which makes getting home from work and to a location in time also very difficult!

We knew this was coming of course and have prepared as smartly as we could. A lot of the locations we have left to do are the ones closer to home, it's still quite tough to fit in, but not impossible. One of these locations is Five Wells Chambered Cairn, it's a Megalithic burial cairn in the Buxton area. It was quite easy to find and the walk wasn't too difficult. The weather remained terrible though with more wind, rain and boring grey skies. The actual location was tiny, literally 5 or so rocks which form part of the cairn, the views on a clear day would have been fantastic from this location, but that wasn't the case, it was very windy and very cold.

I think that out of all the locations we have visited so far, this was the one I struggled the most with. It probably didn't help that we were there in 'summer', lots of nettles and everything was a bit overgrown and a bit green. Other than the rocks, there were two other focal points that I liked, one was a small outcrop of flowers from one of the rocks and the other was a tiny little snail working it's way up the same rock:

Whilst those images aren't terrible, the one we were happiest with was this one, another black and white but I think it works:

Fingers crossed for better weather! It's becoming a bit of a struggle.

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