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Roystone Rocks - Hidden Gem!

The weather has turned once again, it's been cold, miserable and grey. The weather really limits where we can and can't go, it feels like writing a location off and almost guarantees that we come away with a black and white image. We decided to check out Roystone Rocks, it turned out to be a really interesting location and not just because this happened:

Yeah.. that's me about 5 seconds after the wall I was trying to climb over collapsed. There was more damage to my pride than my leg although it did actually hurt and took a few minutes to walk off. I rebuilt the wall to the best of my abilities, got my stuff back together and then headed to the actual viewpoint. I quickly took this shot or Roystone Rocks from afar during the 30 seconds or so that there was some light on it, from this point onwards it was just cloud:

I wasn't sure if this location would have much to offer, we were wrong, it was full of character with dark limestone poking out of the ground all over the place. If the weather would have been a bit nicer I think we would have been spoilt for choice for compositions. It's another location to return to with nicer conditions. To be fair, the bad weather helped us to focus on what would work and what wouldn't. There were some really interesting trees, especially the ones that were growing in between the rocks.

We met up once again with James Pedlar from, he mentioned a tree which also happens to be viewpoint 1 in Peak District - Through the lens (our guidebook for all 73 locations), we found it and immediately fell in love with it. We tried a few different compositions but this is the one we like the most:

The really interesting thing about this particular tree is that the trunk runs across the ground for quite some distance before sharply turning vertical. A long exposure would have probably made the clouds look awesome but there was simply too much wind causing the tree to move, it would have ruined the image in my opinion. Black and white is the obvious choice for this image, I am much happier with it than I expected to be. Another one ticked off the list!

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