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Sunset at Robin Hood's Stride

It had been a mad weekend, two sunrises, two sunsets and an epic flight around the Peak District. We needed something a bit easier and not quite as exciting. We decided to pay Robin Hood's Stride (Matlock) a visit. Apparently the location got its name because Robin Hood walked from one of the gritstone outcrops to the other. The walk from the car was only 5 minutes, it was brilliant, we even took the dogs with us which I regretted almost immediately after one of them was sick in the car!

Anyway, the location was pretty cool considering it was almost roadside, we also had the place to ourselves which was nice. There was quite a lot of cloud around which was a shame but we still managed to get a couple of shots before the sun hid behind it:

It's hard to tell on that photo but underneath the sun was another band of cloud, not as dark as the one above it but enough to completely block out the sunlight about 30 seconds after this shot was taken. The dogs seemed to have a great time though and we didn't even have any issues with cows so that's aways a positive outcome! We got a quick shot of Grace just as the sun was disappearing:

It was a nice ending to what had been a manic but brilliant weekend. It was also the end of Tracy's summer term off work. We are about to enter a whole new level of difficulty for the rest of September :/

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