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A relaxed evening at Tegg's Nose

A bit of a strange name for a place I know, but it actually was a really pleasant place to spend the evening. We weren't expecting that much from this location but it took us back to our 'inner child explorers', there are lots of little paths that cut into hills, go round corners and really made for an interesting location. We were a little early, it gave us opportunity to see what the location had to offer. There were two spots in Jame's book (Peak District - Through the lens) that I was particularly interested in, one was a wide shot looking out over a reservoir and into the hills and the other shot was a portrait photograph of some fantastic twisting steps leading down a hill.

We found the two spots pretty quickly, lucky for us they were really close together. The quality of the light was absolutely superb, one of the clearest golden-hours we had witnessed so far. With seemingly no haze in the air at all, we took this shot:

Only a few seconds away was the twisting steps down into the park. We setup the composition and waited for the sun to get as low as possible. There were a few clouds on the horizon which looked like they would block the sun just before it set, we started to take some shots just in case. A few minutes later Tracy spotted a couple walking their dog, it looked like they were heading towards the steps, we took a few final images before they got into the frame. Now then, at no point would I ever think that we had some kind of special right to be in a certain place over anyone else, it was a public park after all. But they could see what we were doing and they took FOREVER to get up those steps, constantly stopping on the way up. By the time they got to the top, the sun had dipped below the cloud, one of them said "trying to photograph the sunset are you?". I could only reply with "trying to, yes." I can laugh about it now but at the time it was quite frustrating! It didn't matter though, the shot we took before they entered the frame was actually better than I expected:

Tracy was on hand with her camera too, she took a couple of nice shots, one of Grace and one of me. I hate having my picture taken but I have to admit, this is one that I didn't mind :)

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