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Making friends with sheep at Thorpe

Even though Thorpe Cloud is only half an hour away neither of us had ever been before. Getting from the car to the summit is only about 25 minutes walk, although it is very steep for a short time. We accidentally went through the wrong field and had to climb over a gate that said "Private Property - Keep out!" oops! Oh well, we went back the right way and now we know for next time. Anyway, the fields were filled with the loudest sheep I have ever heard, it was all you could hear. These sheep weren't like the usual sheep either, these ones were accustomed to people and didn't run away, so much in fact that we made friends with this little fella and named him Fred:

Considering this was mid-week there were quite a number of walkers around and a few people there just to admire the sunset. Unfortunately, from a photography point of view, there wasn't much to celebrate in regard to the sky, it was pretty clear and cloudless. We had the ridge to ourselves, actually I think it was due to other people being polite and not wanting to intrude on what we were shooting because those that remained stayed out of shot (thank you!). Once the sun got low enough we took our shots, one with the sun behind us and the other directly into the sun. I like both for different reasons, you decide which you like the most:

It had been a pleasant and fairly uneventful evening, no crazy drama, no difficulties and no epic sunset. One thing we did come away with though was that this was a great location and easily accessible. I think it makes a better sunrise location at this time of the year or maybe it just lends its self to better conditions with the sky? I'll be back here for sure, it's got a lot of potential! As we were walking back I took a quick shot of Thorpe Cloud and a tree as a bit of a silhouette, it's not terrible for a quick snapshot.

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