Tired legs and tired eyes

In terms of the weather, the bank holiday weekend was kind to us and we made the most of it. Our trip up to Dean Rocks with James Pedlar left both of our legs rather tired. With that in mind, we decided to choose a slightly easier location for the following evening. We picked Wolfscote Dale, it was only half an hours drive and about 40 minutes walk, it sounded perfect but what we didn't realise that the ascent was actually quite steep and on already tired legs it was a real slog.

It probably took us close to an hour to get to the summit, there were lots of cows around but they were all in the fenced off in the adjacent field (much to Tracy's relief). The viewpoint at the summit was rather spectacular, one of the Peak Districts hidden gems for sure. There are lots of limestone outcrops and rocks which make for fantastic foreground interest. The cloud above us was high cloud and there didn't seem to be any cloud on the horizon, this is the perfect combination for the clouds to light up from underneath once the sun has set.

Once the sun dropped below the clouds we started to take our shot. We know from experience not to rely on the clouds lighting up, it's not happened yet on this challenge (but we live in hope) so we took some photos just to be safe. As the sun set it became obvious that there was actually cloud below the visible horizon which would stop the underside of the clouds from glowing. Never mind, it had been worth it, we were both exhausted but happy with the results:

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