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A very overcast evening at Carhead Rocks

Carhead Rocks is really close to Stanage Edge, it's not anywhere near as popular though as it's not quite as elevated or as interesting. That being said, we didn't struggle with composition here, we struggled with cloud! Clouds can be amazing, in fact, they can absolutely make a photography look fantastic. Unfortunately we had the very boring and uninteresting blanket of monotone grey :( We can't control the weather, it would be wonderful if we could, but we can't, we just have to make the most of it.

The journey to Carhead was uninteresting, the location was a bit bleak and the weather remained overcast. We struggled, we tried different compositions, different lenses and even threw in a bit of black and white. The most impressive thing from the night though was Tracy, she has managed to take some really decent shots lately and has taken them all handheld and without a tripod. This one in particular I thought was excellent:

These are some of the other images from the evening, I wish there was more I could say about them really but we just weren't feeling it:

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