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We got so lost!

The weekdays all blur into one; wake up, edit photos, write blog post, go to work, rush home, pickup gear, get to location, shoot, go home, pack for tomorrow, eat, bed, rinse and repeat. We have almost gotten used to it by now, it is however, getting noticeably more difficult and that's because the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Each day the sun sets about 2-3 minutes earlier than the previous one, that doesn't sound like much but in a month thats over an hour! That's a big deal to us, that's the entire journey time for about 50% of all the locations.

The weather looked really favourable for Gardom's Edge which is location number 23 in the book. We arrived in good time and started walking, it wasn't supposed to be a long walk but after 20 minutes we still hadn't found the viewpoint. We started to worry about light, we only had about 30 minutes of it left before the sun would set. Neither of us had much of phone signal either which meant we couldn't look for further directions. We decided to walk towards the trig point, it was elevated and might get us a phone signal. It worked, we found the location on Google maps, we had walked right past it and was a further 20 minutes walk to get to. The other problem was that 20 minutes was 'as the crow flies' and not following the path, we had no choice, if we were going to make it we would need to make our own path.

There were midges everywhere, even the midge spray didn't keep them off. We had to climb over a small wall and through some very tall plants (Ferns?). We got to the gate that lead to the viewpoint with about 5 minutes of light. We took some very quick shots of what we hoped were the most obvious viewpoints. We didn't come away with many, this was the best of the bunch:

Tracy took some really decent shots too, she is getting better and better each time she uses her camera:

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