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The photography community

We have now completed 3 weeks of 73in73 and are really happy with the progress we have made. At the start of this challenge we were entirely focused on the photography side of things, but as time has passed that has taken a bit of a backseat, it's become much more of a journey with its own stories and special moments. These stories wouldn't be as powerful or moving if it wasn't for the other characters that play a part. The response we have had from companies, charities and individuals we have never met has been out of this world and extremely heart warming. The photography community in particular has been outstanding, we've had so many people offer to help out by either joining us on a location or offering a signed print to auction (sometimes even both!).

Andrew Yu and Jason Riley are two fantastic photographers, they very kindly offered their help and support, we decided to meet at Curbar Edge. We were also joined by Stephen Elliot, another renowned Peak District photographer. It was so wonderful to spend the evening with them:

We were also joined by about ten million midges! They were even worse than when we got bitten to death at Three Shires Head, but that wouldn't dampen our spirits, we were here in great company and even though the sunset wasn't magical, the evening was. Everyone was so helpful, we definitely learnt a lot. Jason's wife Lisa came along too with their beautiful Labrador, Tracy instantly made a new friend:

The sky was surprisingly interesting, the clouds had formed but not as a solid mass which meant that bits of light were spilling through. We didn't take many photographs at all that night, it wasn't about the photography, it was about the people we were with. I know I keep going on about it but it's been truly fantastic to meet so many amazing people, thank you all!

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