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The epic all-nighter! Part 3 - To laugh or cry?

I never expected that during our 73in73 challenge that we would be sleeping in the car, but that's the position we found ourselves in. We were at the gate of Crich Stand War Memorial, our sunrise location. We brought an old duvet and a couple of pillows with us. We had just over an hour to get some shut-eye, we were both exhausted by this point so getting to sleep wasn't particularly tough. The alarm was set for 5 a.m, this was by far the most tempting alarm to turn off when it activated, we were so tired! We dragged ourselves out of the car and started to walk towards to the memorial. I was filming us walking up the path when Tracy said "I hope that's not the monument that's covered in scaffolding?"

It was and all I could do was laugh, if I hadn't laughed I would have cried. We could have gone home and slept in our own bed rather than the Volvo which has left my lower back in a significant amount of discomfort. I suppose it wouldn't have made much difference really, there was no chance that the scaffolding would be removed by October 3rd so we would have had to shoot it with the scaffolding at some point, what a shame though.

There simply wasn't a good composition, not one that I could find anyway. Looking north all you could see was the monument covered in scaffolding and looking south there was a big white shipping container. We did the best we could and took this shot:

Having the monument placed in the background made the scaffolding less significant and less of an eyesore. The other viewpoint, which includes the big white shipping container looked like this:

Needless to say, we didn't hang about long after the sun had risen, instead we headed to Bakewell. The sun was still low and the light was still soft, it was only half an hour away and still very early in the morning, we had time to fit it in. We have travelled through Bakewell a number of times but never stopped to look around. It's a lovely town with a lot of character, a place we will definitely return to during 'normal' hours. Photographically, there is a nice little waterfall, an arch bridge and another bridge will about a thousand padlocks on it. We took a coupe of shots of the arch bridge and one of the waterfall. I honestly think we were too tired to put our usual amount of effort into it, the shots we came back with are mediocre and if we do come back before the end of the 73 days it will be with the camera. It also didn't help that I still hadn't replaced my lost filter screw meaning that I couldn't use my neutral density filters without holding them on with my hands (I did try that, it didn't work at all).

It was time to go home and time to sleep. We got back at about 8:30 a.m which meant that we had spent over 16 hours in the Peak District, even though we were extremely tired it had been very much worth it and was a night to remember.

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