12 hours later, we were back!

In the last post we were at Higger Tor for sunrise. I try my best to plan all the travelling between locations to be as efficient as possible, sometimes I get it wrong and today was one of those days. We decided to visit Carl Wark for the sunset which is location 16 in the book, I checked the parking location, it was the same as Higger Tor... how could that be? Turns out that Carl Wark is about a 10 minute walk from Higger Tor, in fact, you have to walk through Higger Tor to get to it! We could have done both locations during the sunrise (with a little bit of running) and saved 2 hours of driving. "Oh well, nothing can be done about that now so let's just get there and see what we find".

Out of all the locations we have visited so far, this is one that we struggled the most with. There was plenty of vibrant purple heather around but not much else of any interest. The direction of the sun meant that the really interesting rock formations and boulders were covered in shade, probably better at sunrise (ironically). It was windy, but not as exposed as some of the locations we had been to so we had chance to get the drone out for a while. As the light started to soften we took the shot, there was absolutely no cloud in the sky at all which was a shame, we tried to use the rear of Higger Tor as the background interest in place of the cloud, it sort of works, especially with the stone wall in the foreground:

It was an enjoyable evening, we spent more time watching the sunset than photographing it, it was relaxing and made a nice change. The highlight of the night however was still to come. We use an F-Stop camera bag to carry all the gear in, the combined weight of the tripod, camera, lenses and drone makes it very heavy which is why I (Jason) always carry it. I made a bet with Tracy that she couldn't carry it back to Higger Tor, she accepted. It took her a minute to get it on her back but once she sorted that she was off! You can find out how she got on towards the end of our latest vlog by clicking play on the video below:

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