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The early bird catches the worm

After such a late night, the prospect of a 4 a.m alarm was not a welcome one. The weather forecast was favourable though and the location we had in mind was only in Buxton (25 minute drive from home). We were heading for Solomon's Temple, not a place either of us had been to before despite it being on our doorstep. We arrived in plenty of time and walked up to the temple, our legs were still really aching from the previous night, it took us 30 minutes or so, a snails pace really.

The cloud was looming, I'm beginning to think it waits for us to arrive and then invades the sky just at the wrong moment. Not today though! Today it left a lovely gap above the horizon, when the sun rose it lit the underside of cloud up as well as flooding the terrain in front of us with a beautiful golden red colour. It only lasted for a couple of minutes but it was fantastic, we weren't expecting it to be so stunning, it really transformed the scene. It wasn't until we got home that we realised the sun had also lit up the front of the temple. It's one of our favourite images so far:

On a side note, I also had the time to get the drone out. The temple made for a very cool focal point, you'll get to see that in the a future video on our YouTube channel! Here is a quick pic that Tracy took on her iPhone of Grace inside the temple :)

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