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A dedication to Grace Ann Coles

If you have been following us from the start you'll know that we are taking our Aching Arms teddy with us on all 73 locations. Aching Arms is a charity that provide bereaved parents with a teddy (usually at the hospital) so that they have something to hold onto, it doesn't sound like a lot but it really does help tremendously. The teddy is named after another child that has also sadly passed away. Our teddy is named after a little girl called Grace Ann Coles. Through Aching Arms Tracy and I found Grace's parents and messaged them about 73in73. It's been a heart warming experience connecting with Grace's mum and dad, especially being able to show them all of the places that our Grace bear has already visited.

A week or so ago BBC Radio Stoke were kind enough to invite Tracy and I into the studio to promote 73in73 and explain all about Grace. Rebecca, Grace's mum, contacted Radio Stoke afterwards to get a copy of the interview and ended up actually speaking to Stuart George about how she felt about Aching Arms and how she felt about what we are doing. You can listen to what she said on demand for the next few days at the following link (skip to 1 hour 8 mins and 30 seconds):

Tracy and I were listening to the show at the time it was aired, it was very emotional but it really touched us. It gave us a massive boost to keep on going despite how tired we both feel. So thank you to Rebecca and Richard who have been a huge support for the both of us, Grace is with us every step of the way :)

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