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The man himself - James Grant!

A very special blog entry today! We got to spend an evening with James Grant, the author of 'Peak District Through the lens' which is the book this entire challenge is centred around. James has been extremely supportive and helpful throughout our adventure and last night he joined us at Birchen Edge, location number 22, to photograph the sunset.

Not only did James bring an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge, he also brought some good weather with him. For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, we actually got a sunset worth waiting for! In fact, the whole evening was an absolute pleasure; no midges biting us, the walk to the location wasn't tough, we didn't have to rush and we even had time to get the drone out. Grace even got in on of the action, posing against Nelson's Monument as the sun was setting:

The conditions were really good for a quality landscape photograph. We came away with two nice shots, the first one is of the warm, soft sidelight lighting up the rocks and blossoming heather with Nelson's Monument in the background. The second is a portrait shot of the vibrant sunset with the Birchen Edge rocks in the foreground:

James Grant, thank you so much for all your time, effort and continued support. I don't think we would be where we are in this challenge without your help. If you would like to check out James' photos or find out more about him and his workshops, please visit his website:

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