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The windiest location yet!

We decided to visit part of the Cheshire Peak for todays location, specifically, Shining Tor which is location number 66 in the book. It was a bit of a walk but it was mostly on a path so not too strenuous. It seemed like a nice evening so we took our two Pomeranian dogs with us for a bit of extra company. It took about 45 minutes to reach the location from where we had parked, it was a little windy but that was to be expected at that height. By the time we reached the trig point the sky had started to cloud over in the direction where sun was setting. It was a bit disappointing but we knew this wasn't one of the epic locations so we weren't expecting anything magical.

All of a sudden, the sun burst through an opening in the cloud, "this could be the only bit of light that we might see all evening" so I quickly got the tripod and camera out. I set up a very simple composition and started taking photos. The sun lasted for about 3 minutes and then hid back behind the clouds. It was such a brief moment but we came away with this shot:

The rock-face of Shining Tor is just over the ledge in the above photo, there was a composition there that we were keen to capture but it did rely on the sun hitting the rocks, that was becoming less and less likely because of the clouds. The second we got to the rock face we were at the exposed part of the location and it was phenomenally windy! I tried to record some video for our (soon to be updated) YouTube channel but it was pointless, all you could hear was the winds relentless assault. We did have a fun time there though, the dogs didn't know what to make of it, especially the younger one, Ebony. She was barking at it and trying to 'eat' it.

Given the amount of cloud that had appeared we still managed to capture a decent shot of the rock face. We can't decide which is the better photo of the location so let us know on our Facebook page which you think should be the 'keeper' for this location.

Just as we were getting close to leaving it started to rain, we hadn't had chance to capture a selfie yet so we tried a quick one before Grace started to get wet, it was a nice moment and I'm glad we captured it. On a side note, yet again I haven't been able to use the drone, it was just far too windy! I've only been able to use it at one location so far, hopefully that will change later this week.

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