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Time to tick off an easy one

After the craziness of yesterdays escapades at The Trinnacle we didn't have it in us to travel or walk far so we ticked off one of the local locations. The Roaches is only a 20 minute drive from home and this particular part of The Roaches, Ramshaw Rocks, is only a few minutes walk from the car park. The location seemed really promising and so too did the light. I'm not sure if it was just because we were so exhausted from yesterday but I just wasn't able to capture it in the way I had hoped. Still, with it being so close we could look at revisiting this one at a later date if we have time. There is a lovely path that I didn't get in the composition, I'm sure that would have made for a better photo. The evening was pleasant though and we got to meet a fellow photographer who was very friendly and extremely helpful.

The heather on the moor is just starting to come into colour which is another good reason to return in about a months time. Part of the difficulty of the shot was how windy it was. The grass and the heather was blurry in the majority of photos simply because of the wind blowing it around so much. This is location number 71 in the book and puts us at about 10% completion for the challenge, slowly but surely we are getting there!

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