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Gorgeous night at Bamford Edge

I won't lie, we are a bit behind schedule already, it's been none stop since we started! Bamford Edge was our next stop, just near to Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak. The car journey there was extremely frustrating as there seemed to be an infinite number of learner drivers, tractors and buses but I suppose that's to be expected on rural roads. The ascent up to the edge wasn't too bad, not in hindsight anyway, we were in such a rush to get to the spot before the light changed that we didn't even get the drone out, oops! Anyway, once we got there, we were treated to a very peaceful sunset, not a very dramatic one (unfortunately) but one to just enjoy.

As for the landscape shots, they didn't turn out too badly I guess, still yet to take anything I have been truly happy with but I'm sure that will come eventually (with some luck). I'm not a professional landscape photographer after all, I'm just a guy with a camera that enjoys capturing the beauty of our local national park. The shot I think we will go with for this locations (location number 10 in the book)is this one, but I'll include some others underneath for variety. Let us know on our Facebook page if you think my choice is wrong:

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