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A gamble with a very early start.

We had been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast all through the night, it was changing constantly. We decided to set the alarm for just after 3am and if the conditions looked promising then we would head out for sunrise. The alarm went off, I checked the forecast... it predicted 78% cloud cover, most of it low level. High cloud is what we were really hoping for, clouds can make or break a good landscape photo, such a large amount of low cloud cover could be disastrous. The forecast for the evening however was much worse, 100% cloud cover. With this in mind we decided to risk it. We were up and out of the door within about 10 minutes and on our way to location number 5 in the book, Pin Dale. Pin Dale is a bit of a strange one because part of the landscape includes the cement works which perhaps isn't for everyone. However, Tracy managed to take this lovely shot of it just after the sun had risen, she is much better than she gives herself credit for:

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed with the morning myself, I really struggled to find a composition I was happy with, especially something with some kind of foreground interest. The sky hadn't lit up like I had hoped which I think put me in the wrong state of mind. The best I managed to come up with was this, if we have chance to go back and try again towards the end, then I think we will:

We still had time to grab a couple of other shots with Grace, even though the morning was a bit of a let down it was still very much enjoyable. Thankfully it was a Sunday so we got to get a few hours sleep when we got back. This evening has been spent planning tomorrow's locations, the weather forecast looks really good so fingers crossed!

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