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Day 1 - Lessons have been learnt!

We realised something today, this is going to be a lot more difficult than we had thought! The weather somewhat let us down, a common occurrence I fear, sunrise and sunset were a no-go. We settled for Fair Brook at Kinder Scout, one of the few locations good for an overcast day. It was a good start, we got there in good time and found the lay-by near to the public path which leads down to the brook. Part of the main route was closed so we had to carefully cross a collapsed dirt path and navigate around some nettles. Tracy got to spend some time with her new D5300 taking photos of Grace and I:

I took the drone with me which was great, especially flying directly above the brook. We learnt a couple of lessons from today; I don't need to pack everything I think I might need, the bag was way too heavy and carrying it around all afternoon has resulted in some very sore shoulders! The Peak District is basically a black hole in regards to 3G/4G signal, we found the entrance point just fine but we really could have done with some Google satellite help a couple of times! The most important lesson we learnt though, was that all of this takes a lot more time than we had thought, especially capturing video for the YouTube channel (coming soon). Finally, we both learnt that we probably aren't fit enough to be doing all of this, too late now I guess, we will just have to get fitter as we go! These are the two images we came away with from this location, 1 down, 72 to go!

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